Thursday, June 20, 2013

Again, busy, busy.

Drowning in busyness? 

I have hopped on this soapbox before, but I must jump on it again. Have you read this article- The ‘Busy’ Trap? I won't go on and on again about how people annoy me when they say, “oh I’m just busy, busy, you know.” Ugh, stop it already! Anyway, I make it a point to not fall into the busy trap, which I am prone to do from time to time, so during the summer months, here are some of my ways . . .

*Cooking quiet meals at home. Sometimes when I’m cooking and sipping a G&T, time passes and I look up to find an hour has passed. But, I don’t mind as I've been happily chopping, stirring, and hopefully not burning our meal; it’s my dance in the kitchen.

*Walks in the afternoon and reading on the patio. These times make me such a better wife- I’m telling ya!

*Phone or video chats with girlfriends. Two of my closest girlfriends and I will have occasional Saturday afternoon dates over video chat accompanied with wine. From Boston, Chicago, and D.C., our worlds collide for an hour or so, sweetened by conversation and belly aching laughter.  

*Pool time. Get your book, a friend, and something in a can, and you’re all set. My friend Court and I are pros at this.

*Daily phone calls with my sister, Meg. Every day, Meg and I try to find time to catch up, even if it’s just for 2 minutes or so. We simply exchange stories about our day. It’s small, but important.  

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