Monday, June 25, 2012

Pool Days

A summer cold kept me from seeing my nephews this weekend, but I made do with the impromptu D.C. weekend, including a BBQ festival, a relentless heatwave, and many movies in the A.C. On Sunday, I twisted boy's arm to take me to the pool. Deviating from the usual "beach lists", here's what we brought to keep us content and entertained. 

(1) I picked up Anna Karenina this weekend, and I could not put it down- who knew? (2) To shade my pages,  I donned a large floppy hatsimilar to this one, via Notcouture (3) It's funny that I have to twist his arm, because as soon as I pull out the goggles, a nine year boy takes over, and he will not leave the deep end. How about this rad vintage pair via Mann & Co? (4) Ok, so we really had Heineken Light secretly tucked away and poured in plastic cups, but the light (lite) is key for svelte summer bodies. Classy sassy, we are.  

P.S. Anna Karenina was prompted by this- eek. 


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