Hello, hello. My name is Caitlyn, and live in Washington D.C. with my husband. He’s affectionately known as ‘boy’ on here, and as (new) newlyweds, you will most certainly read of our adventures into domesticity. I started this blog in May 2012, and as many blogs take root, I put the pen to paper to find a creative channel for myself. Over time, it’s become my visual gallery of fashion, design, music and simply, my life.

How did you come up with the name Bird bye Bird, you may ask? “Bird by bird, just take it bird by bird.”  A quote by Anne Lamott in her book on writing, Bird by Bird, Instructions on Writing and Life.  As her father told Anne’s brother to take his homework assignment on birds as “bird by bird”, she encourages her readers to take writing “bird by bird” or word by word.  

Thank you for checking out my little corner of the web. Hope you enjoy it! 

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