Friday, May 25, 2012


On our road trip to the coast last weekend, boy and I listened to talk radio in between my various needs for stopping (ahem) and mandatory North Carolina BBQ.  And by talk radio, I really just mean NPR's Radiolab. I usually moan and whine when he puts it on, wishing that we could use that time for sweet talking or blaring music, but about 10 minutes in, I end up shushing him if he tries to get a word in. We listened to the podcast Laughter, a series answering the questions of why we laugh and if animals laugh,  and interviews with Tanzanians trapped in a contagious laugh for days and weeks. That's right- you heard me! In 1962, a laughter epidemic broke out in Tanzania, starting at a girls' boarding school in a rural village- so very interesting!

If I want to have a doubled over, can't breathe kind of laugh, then I call my bestie Leah. We live in different cities now, so we try to have the occasional wine dates over video chat.  She's absurdly hilarious.

P.S. A documentary on laughing, featuring the Tanzania epidemic: Laughology 

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