Thursday, June 13, 2013

On Getting Old(er)

Lately, I've found myself taking solitary walks in the afternoon before dinner and sneaking away for morning jaunts on Saturdays. This past Saturday as I arrived home, I immediately went to prune my potted plants and herbs, while ever so quietly whispering under my breath. Philip quickly caught on- "you are talking to your plants, babe." Apparently, he can see me 40 or so years from now as the older woman of our neighborhood who takes long walks- greeting everyone, constantly monitors her garden, and wears funny hats, obviously.

I often wonder what I'll be like years and years from now. I recently read a quote that said older women are young girls in bodies they just don't recognize. One of my favorite films, How To Make An American Quilt, tells the stories of quilt bee-ing friends from their young to old days, and I imagine growing old just like that. Have you seen it?

I'll continue to love gardening and coax my plants just as my mother does. I'll take solitary walks and enjoy the quiet just as my grandmother finds those moments. And I'm sure I'll always find a young girl in me, somewhere.

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