Friday, February 15, 2013

oh hello Friday


Plans this weekend? We’re enjoying some wine with friends tonight at Cork Wine Bar, and I can't wait as I've been wanting to check it out. On Saturday, I hope to do some little projects around the apartment, and boy and I will be enjoying our Valentine’s celebration tomorrow evening. Meaning that I’ll probably find myself at T.J. Maxx to find a last minute outfit for our romantic evening out. I love a good impulse buy. And on Sunday, we’re having another dinner party! Our friends Court and Joe are coming into the city so we’ll be hosting them at our wee apartment. It will be a busy, but fun weekend. Some fun links . . . 

*Photo of the Downton Abbey cast traveling on the downtown NYC transit. Thomas looks so likable, doesn't he?

*Backstage photos of the Lumineers at the Grammy Awards.

*Diagnosing your romantic issues based on your favorite literary character. Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre is certainly my favorite character but I'm not sure that the diagnosis is quite accurate.

Japanese men scream "I love you" in public. 

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