Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Entertaining: A Dinner Party

“What else is a dinner party besides a comic operetta without a score?
But they also orchestrated every element of the evening, arrival to departure, most crucially directing the conversation, which they either allowed to follow a traditional serve-and-volley pattern (20 minutes right, 20 minutes left), or else commandeered for so-called “general discussion” as provocateur hosts like the television journalist Barbara Walters still do.”
(quoted from the NYT article, Guess Who Isn’t’ Coming to Dinner?)
So . . . we've decided to host dinner parties every Sunday evening, or at least try to host a few times a month if we can. Ambitious, I know.  But with new restaurants popping up everywhere and the burgeoning foodie culture, it seems that dinner parties are a dying art. Wouldn't you agree?

I think Sunday is the perfect evening for it. With Monday approaching and the weekend coming to an end, everyone could use a good meal and good conversation with friends to escape the imminent workday blues. Knowing that you have to work the next morning, you’ll find yourself sipping the perfect amount of wine to make you feel silly and gregarious in the moment, but unregretful the next morning.

This past Sunday, we hosted our first guest-our dear friend Kali. Since we only have 3 chairs around the dining room table as of right now, we’re starting small here! Boy whipped up a delicious meal with mussels to start and seared, sesame tuna to finish. I really should have documented the fabulousness of this meal.

Here are some links for my dinner party inspiration . .  .

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