Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cocktails: Belvoir Fruit Farms

Oh dear, it’s been quiet around here. As you can tell, I took advantage of the three day weekend and closed things down for a few days. Boy ended up being sick with a nasty cold all weekend, so I followed his lead and rested up as well.  

 This week's prize:

Though in my internet perusing, I did stumble across Belvoir Fruit Farms. Have you heard of them? They have a lovely selection of juices and cordials for adult and not so adult drinks that are infused with elderflowers, fruits, and spices. I prefer simple cocktails, and most times, the only fruits you will see in my drinks is a twist of lemon or wedge of lime. But, some of these drinks look oh so tasty. Like the Elderflower and Mint Daiquiri or the Cloudy Berry Pimms!

At less than $10 a bottle, they would be a great little addition to a party. 

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