Monday, January 7, 2013

Photos: Apartment

We've been busy, busy over here the last few weeks to get our apartment just the way we want it. There is still a ways to go, and with 800 sq feet you really do have to be clever. Every piece has to deem some sort of functionality in such a small space, but I still get to have fun with the decorative pieces. These are some of my favorite corners of our home.

(1) Who needs a bookshelf when you can haphazardly stack your books? (2) The Life magazine, a find at a flea market, was a birthday gift to boy from me, and the National Geographic magazine, a birthday present from a dear friend, was the issue of my birth month- August 1985. I love to see his and hers colliding. (3) A terrific reading nook (4) A plate from Philip's family's Irish restaurant, a Bostonian landmark of yore, the Harp and Bard.   

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