Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Saving my Pennies

Well, it's day 8 of the January Resolution Experiment, and it's actually going quite well. Ironically, it has been so liberating. Instead of saying to myself, "do I buy the shirt or go out to eat this Saturday, or can I do both?" It's a definitive no that I can't have either.

Rather, I'm digging through my closet to find wardrobe pieces of yore to create a new look, and we have been busy cooking up interesting meals together. To keep myself preoccupied from loosening the purse strings, I have . . .

*watched countless movies with boy, cozily snuggled on the couch. Taking advantage of that On Demand people!

*finished reading the memoir of Grace Coddington.  

*found myself at the gym. Burning those calories instead of the dollar, dollar bills.

*concocted way too many Whisky Gingers, my new favorite drink (P.S. a yummy recipe from A Beautiful Mess).

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