Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Resolution Experiment

I decided to post what would be today's recipe post, tomorrow, so I can share the "resolution experiment" with you. What is this you may ask? Well, if you head over to Lemons and Lima Beans, you'll discover that Ashleigh and I used to do monthly resolutions to bridge the geographical gap between our friendship. She in Virginia; me in Boston. Many moons ago, we would hop on the phone every few days and update each other on how the resolution for the month was going. For February, we didn't eat chocolate, for March we didn't complain, for April, we worked out rigorously . . . you get the picture. Well, she had the brilliant idea to start our resolutions again and chat about the process on our respective blogs.

Then, just a few days ago, Philip mentioned the idea of doing monthly experiments for 2013. The experiment will serve as just that and a challenge to each other. Can we go an entire month and not buy fancy coffee from Starbucks? Can we not drink coffee all together? Can we try something new everyday for a month? Can we  . . .? Can we . . .? So, I have decided to fuse the two ideas together, and I give you the "resolution experiment."

Philip and I will not be buying anything* that isn't a necessity within the month of January. That's right, no movie showings, no clothing purchases (I'm literally weeping as I type), no going out to eat** . . . nothing, my friends.

I'm sure you'll hear me complaining; I mean, informing you about the process on here, so stay tuned!

*Aside from the lunch I had with my fellow resolutioner today, and Philip's already planned manly trip to Atlantic City this weekend.

**We are stocked up on booze, post New Years Eve party so don't worry, we'll be just ok over here ;) 

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