Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cocktail of Choice

(the Fitzgeralds) 

Our household is a liquor household, but I’m sure you figured that out here, here, and here. The beers are usually reserved for outdoor concerts, and the wine is saved for fancy dinners when a piece of red meat begs to be complimented. Boy and I have our individual beverages of choice, and we have our ‘steady and sure’ choice that neither one of us would decline if offered. I was delighted to read this article on authors’ favorite drinks as it has some haunting similarities to boy and me.

His choice: Straight Whisky: Dylan Thomas.

During quiet evenings at home, I'll find him sipping two fingers width of Bulleit whisky with a few ice cubes in low glass, and it’s so darn fetching of him.

Her choice: Martinis: Anne Sexton

I adore a high, olive (not dirty) martini with a cheesy pizza or a big ‘ole pasta bowl. The drink I always swore that I’d drink when I was 60 or so. I guess I’m starting early.
His and her choice: Gin Rickey: F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald

Or as everyone else affectionately calls them, Gin-N-Tonics. These are great for any occasion- parties, poolside, day drinking- you name it. 

"Fitzgerald claimed that he liked gin because no one could smell it on his breath – though we bet that when he and his wife were dancing naked at parties, no one really had to."

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