Monday, August 27, 2012


Oh dear, August 20th was my last post. Shame on me. The last two weeks have been a haze of wedding planning, birthday celebrations, and a Many Hopes planning retreat in the City. So, some snapshots as of late  will have to do . . .

(1) Kindred spirited friends in town for b-day happenings- thanks Katie and Chels! (2) A blooming delivery from my sweet, future mother-in-law (3) A lunch pitstop amidst wedding venue shopping. Take it from us, Stone Soup is the feasible option in  no-man's-land Waynesboro, VA (4)Wine sipping with Miss Katie at King Family Vineyard (5) Big updates about this photo coming soon (!!!) (6) Katie at her craft (7) A late evening of ritas and salsa at Pacifico Cantina- one of my new favorite spots in D.C. (8) A planning meeting for our Many Hopes D.C. Chapter, complete with wine and cheese, of course.

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