Monday, August 20, 2012

A lifetime of friendship

The birthday weekend is over, and it's dreary here in D.C. today. My college girlfriends, Katie and Chelsea are in town, and we had a busy weekend of catching up, wedding planning and birthday celebrating. Over dinner last night, I realized that Kate and I have been friends for nine years. Nine years- that's insane! Time does fly by. From dorm acquaintances to best friends, we've been housemates four times, lived in Virginia and Massachusetts together, traveled on many trips, and as it seems, we've changed our hairstyles for each of those life stages. 

(the first apartment for both of us out of college) 

(A bunch of early 20 year-olds heading to NYC; we felt so 'adult')

(Visiting our former roommate in Alabama. Clearly, we're trying to grow out our hair and rocking some serious style) 

(The words you're looking for here are-sheer athleticism) 

(A sunny week of vacation in Orlando; Katie fainted from dehydration about 20 minutes after this photo-oy, memories) 

(New's Year Eve before I headed to Boston) 

(Katie was my first visitor in Boston, and it meant so much. I blubbered like a baby greeting her at the airport)

(A July 4th celebration during the summer that Katie lived in Boston) 

(Lazy days at Boston's psuedo beaches; courtesy of Courtney Reese

( post wedding celebrations in Birmingham)

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