Thursday, August 16, 2012

Well, looky there . . .

Minimalist birthday card :|

(photo via)

Did you know tomorrow is August 17? It's a grand day. My birthday.

Just ask boy and my mom, I love birthdays. I mean, LOVE. For me it's a day of celebrating with friends, spoiling myself with some good eats, and taking time to reflect on the past year. I really don't mind the gifts either. 

For my birthday wishlist, this is what I have in mind . . .

Perhaps, it's because I know only five weeks remain in summer, but I can't stop craving cool cocktails and seafood. Mouth watering photos via Gather Journal. 

This lovely clutch from Coriumi for an evening out of oysters and martinis, of course.

Envelope Bag Geometrical Illusion Leather Suede Navy Blue with White No. EB-101

And, I know these leggings from QooQooFashion are so odd, but I just find something so interesting about them. What do you think?

SALE White Tribe leggings

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