Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Charmed Life

(photo of the girls, by my good friend  at Firefly Imageworks) 

As you may have noticed, I did not lead this blog with a “hey, this is me” introduction, but rather a quiet song to ease my way into the blogosphere. Upon starting it and encouraged by boy, I wanted to use this space as a creative outlet, making it my own; no matter the readership. (This is a serious post so we’re going to give Philip (boy) his rightful serious name). After reading several posts, Philip urged me to write something beyond photography, design, clothing and “pretty things.” Initially, I moaned and balked at him- “it’s my blog, right? I will make it my own!” But, truly, I did appreciate his encouragement. And him.

This past Saturday evening, we found ourselves amongst lovely friends and conversation mingled with delicious cocktails and eats. In between destinations, Philip whispered under his breath as he took my arm, “we live a charmed life.” Those words have resonated again and again in my mind these last few days. One of my greatest fears is to become enveloped in the ‘pretty things’ of this life, only to feel deserved of luxuries around me and listless to those who are without.  It is a road so easily traversed and so difficult to avoid. A constant and ever pressing reminder for me is my faith. As many of my good friends know, I’m quite private about my beliefs- unashamed and yet unobtrusive. Though, a simple maxim of my life is to always, always practice compassion and servitude, and I would be remiss to not share that.  To remind myself of this daily, I have my girls in Kenya. Oh, they are not really mine, but I have had the privilege to support a girls’ home in Mtwapa, Kenya with my time and resources these last few years. And in days overwhelmed with the 'pretty things' of a 'charmed life', they provide me immeasurable hope. 

P.S. The girls' home I am referring to is featured to the right of my page- Many Hopes. 


  1. I love when simple, passing words from others can take root in our minds and flourish into life lessons and challenging reminders. :)

    Signed ~ Your most faithful non-Eastern European Reader

  2. Oh I am loving your commentary. Truly, I do. And sadly, my Russian readership declined these last few days; I must have said something unfavorable :)


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