Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wedding: Ladies Getting Ready

When someone asks me how the wedding went, I exclaim that I would totally do it again (with the same man, of course). It wasn't just the ceremony, but the moments leading up to it. Moments with my family, friends, and my bridesmaids.  

After a solo drive to finesse my vows, I spent the morning sipping mimosas with my ladies.  Whoever said that weddings are stressful? Not here! 

We headed over to the vineyard, and the beautification process began. From a la natural . . .

The look of a bride thinking "all right already, let's do this thing."

I was absolutely in love with my hair.

Pretending to pin rosebuds on my sweet mum for a photo op.  

The wine came out and so did a 3 minute dance party to rid us of the wedding jitters. 

And then this happened. I love Meg's look, the older sister 'questioning my actions' face.

The heels came off and . . .

Such an incredible group of women stood beside me that day, and I am ever so grateful for them. 

A little shout out here as this was a key moment in the success of the wedding. You see Mr. Oakes there, my nephew -one of the sweetest babies ever-  decided to have quite the fit as I was just about to pull on my dress. My dear friend Ash whisked him away, and as you can see, he was quite content.

(All photos were captured by the talents of Firefly Imageworks

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