Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Design: Dining Table

As you may remember, we finally found a dining room table. After much determination, boy found a steal on Craig’s List and after many hours of maneuvering, we nudged it into our jeep late last Friday evening. It’s a gorgeous black farm table with the perfect amount of wear and tear. Now the question is . . . what shall I do for seating? 

Over this past weekend, we found a wooden bench at a local thrift store for six dollars (!). Take that World Market! Now I just need to figure out what chairs will complement the best. Since the table is so rustic and classic, I’m considering a mid-century aesthetic for the chairs. Here are some of my design inspirations . . .

1 comment:

  1. I love these from RH, but I've seen them a lot cheaper at Marshalls/Home Goods :)

    But I also like the mismatched look! decisions, decisions!


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