Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wedding: Gifts (boy)

For boy’s wedding gifts from me . . . 
 Cufflinks Typewriter Key Custom Personalised Initials Vintage Black White Gift

*he received monogrammed cuff-links of my initials C (Caitlyn) and N (Nicole), and of course, he wore them to the wedding (via Forever Urban).  

 Vintage Alarm Clock / Dark Green & Gold Alarm Clock / German Alarm Clock

*a vintage German alarm clock with a tag from me “I look forward to waking up beside you every day.” I ordered from the amazing Etsy shop Zu Hause Berlin. The owner  of the shop was so attentive in ensuring that it arrived on time all the way from Germany. Thank you Laurin; he loves it!

*Along with my mom and grandmother, I framed a couple of the photos from my bridal shoot for him, and I think he enjoyed them :) 

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