Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wedding: Gifts

(photo via Firefly Imageworks, our amazing photographer)

Oddly enough, I want to share some of the presents we gave to friends and family that joined us on our wedding day. I found this task particularly difficult. I wanted the gifts to be ceremonial and symbolic, but with my minimalist tendencies, I tried to find a balance of practicality as well.

*for my mother and grandmother, I framed photos from my bridal shoot for them. They are always requesting new photos, so I knew they would like these.

*for my mother-in-law, we got her a massage at a local spa in Charlottesville. Liz was Wonder Woman when it came to wedding planning, and we couldn't have pulled off this shindig without her. A massage was well deserved!

*for my bridesmaids . . .

 . . . I purchased scarves from Ethiopian women at the FashionABLE showroom on my trip in October. Each scarf tells an individual story of the woman who weaved it.

 . . . monogrammed bags with their business or initials on it from the Etsy shop,  PerryWinkles

 . . . magnetic Instagram photos of our friendships from Stickygram

*for my nephew (the bell ringer), Philip and I got him a photo memory card game from Pinhole Press. Love this and so did my little guy.

*for our close family and friends, we placed these goodies from Trader Joe's in rooms before their arrival (tags via Simply Embellish)

P.S. Philip's gifts coming up soon . .  .

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  1. Wow.. you got a perfect wedding. Congratulation! Everything was in the right place and well-organized. Thanks for sharing this one. Wish you have an endless joy in your marriage life.

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