Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Up to No Good

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So, remember that we entertained the other evening? Well, the cheese platter wasn't the only eventful happening. Our friends arrived, Philip mixed up some delicious cocktails, and we clinked glasses to celebrate the new place. Just as we're settling in, a knock at the door led to some very disgruntled neighbors, and I really should have captialized 'very' to communicate just how truly upset they were. The wife and husband went to explain how we were the loudest tenants they had ever been under and how for the last week, our movements resembled that of a horse. No introductions, no warnings, no understanding; to say the least, Philip and I were mortified. They exited our front stoop with our jaws still agape at what had just happened. After our friends left and until the next morning, we tossed and turned around ideas of how we could resolve this conflict. And by Sunday afternoon as we stood at a local bakery, we found a solution.

We weren't aiming to make an apology. We had no idea we were being loud; we were simply moving in and setting up house. A little warning and perhaps a "hi, my name is XXX, we live below you" would have been nice to start the relationship.

We were looking for a 'kill them with kindness' moment, and then, perhaps, throw in a little snark. I really hope we don't regret what we did, but at the moment, we're still reveling in our quick wit.

In suspense yet?

On Sunday evening, we knocked on their door, introduced ourselves as husband and wife, handed them a perfectly wrapped pink box filled with cupcakes, and a note. It read, "Thank you for the warm welcome to the neighbordhood. Here are our numbers, ring us if there are any future issues."

Nothing like putting a little sugar in the wound. 

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