Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Specs

(these are not my glasses; I wouldn't subject you to that)

I am in DESPERATE need of new glasses. My current specs date back to 2008, and as much as I thought the teal blue tint was cool then, it's just not cutting it in 2012. I'm considering some frames from Warby Parker; have you heard of them? For every one pair they sell, they give one pair to someone in need. I can't imagine a life of not clearly seeing the world. I have vivid memories of squinting at the blackboard in 5th grade, and as unhappy as I was to become a 'four eyes', I did not have to worry about access to eyeware and vision care.

 Here are some of the lenses I'm thinking of . . .





P.S. You can choose five pairs, try them for a few days at home, and then keep the pair you like. Genius! 

1 comment:

  1. After looking at each pair three times...and changing my mind five final vote goes to the Sinclair...orrr the Percy...or one of each??


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