Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Long Island Photos (2)

On Saturday morning, boy hit the links while I slept in and enjoyed copious amounts of coffee over conversation with his cousin. Fascinatingly enough, the 6am wake up on Saturday mornings does not seem to bother him if the golf course is his destination. After his return, we took the North Ferry to Shelter Island for lunch and the chance to put our toes in the sand. We dined at the Sunset Beach restaurant; very "shi shi", but an experience nonetheless. The evening closed with a friend's birthday celebration and midnight cocktails on the back deck; a lovely way to end the weekend. Patricia, thank you for a wonderful time!     

(photos via iphone and camera circa 1998 :) 


  1. a lovely time away, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I must say I'm a fan of the 1998 camera :)

  2. Just let me know when you want to give up one of your old cameras Court!:)


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