Monday, July 9, 2012

Long Island Photos (1)

Long Island was a wonderful weekend getaway; have you ever been? Heading out on Thursday evening, we decided to break up the drive with a stop in New Jersey to see Philip’s sister and her husband. With an arrival time of 10pm, you really have no choice but to drink whisky cocktails at an Irish pub with an open mic trilling behind you. We had a great time; thanks Kathleen and Lane for letting us crash!

After making our way up the New Jersey Turnpike and through the humidity of the City, I was quite delighted to come upon the uttermost tip of Long Island- Southold. Boy relentlessly teased my constant ooooohing and ahhhhhing at the various vineyards, farmers' markets and goat farms as I ended my exclamations with “how quaint!” It really was so disgustingly quaint. A family member was so gracious to host us in her home for the weekend, and oh what  a home- complete with an outdoor bamboo shower. I found a yellow Adirondack nestled on the back deck and claimed it as my own for morning coffee and afternoon reading.

Boy and I definitively agreed that seafood was the way to go for our first evening on the ‘island,’ so we found ourselves at Alure, North Fork’s chowder house and oyster-ia. Local oysters on the half shell, shrimp cocktail (my favorite), grilled calamari and olive martinis made for a great evening. The day ended with ice cream cones and a stroll through Greenport.

More photos coming . . .


  1. I feel as though I've been left dangling in curious suspense over the rest of the details! Can't wait until part 2. :)

  2. Haha Ash,I'm glad I have one avid reader, waiting with abated breath at my next post :)


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