Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life Lately

It's summertime, which means I've been away from the 'ole computer, leaving it slightly quiet around here.  How was your  Fourth of July weekend? Ours was SO relaxing and fun!

Some photos of our long weekend in VA beach and the Outer Banks . . . 

As a favorite of boy's family growing up, we had to stop at The Grill. Owned and operated by a married couple and with only about 18 seats, it was quite the quaint. 

Though, apprehensive at first, I am happy with my decision to go with the high waisted suit (via ASOS).  Thanks for the encouragement, Court! 

Our dear friends decked us out with "the pan" and recipe for Swedish Pancakes as our wedding present. The boys went right to work on whipping up a batch- delicious! 

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