Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Reading

I always seem to read more books in the summer. The porch beckons me to enjoy the warm sunshine in the late afternoons, so a good book is necessary. I just finished reading, The Invisible Thread, an incredible true story about the serendipitous meeting of a successful advertising executive and a young panhandler living on the streets of NYC. Unable to put it down, I read it in a few short days. A few books I currently have in my Amazon cart.

Discovered as the current read of note to self, A Dual Inheritance looks like the perfect beach read.

Jeannette Walls just came out with a new book, The Silver Star: A Novel. Her memoir, The Glass Castle and true life novel, Half Broke Horses, are two of my absolute favorite books. Seriously, you need to read these!

How to Create the Perfect Wife: Britain's Most Ineligible Bachelor and his Enlightened Quest to Train the Ideal Mate just looks absurd, but interesting. And it's a true story . . . 

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