Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Morning Routine


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What’s your morning routine?

This question really fascinates me for some reason, and I’m always eager to read bloggers’ posts on their morning routine, like The Fresh Exchange or Espresso and Cream. For some, the quiet time is most essential, for others the communal breakfast, and for the crowd that I can only aspire to be, habitual exercise. Here’s our routine, but there are certainly some more habits I hope to adopt.
*6:30-6:45am- Wake up and stagger to the shower
*6:45-7:00am- Shower. I tend to take really LONG showers; a terrible habit, I know. It’s best for everyone that I calmly wake up. 
*7:00am- Wake up boy. Some mornings we end up chatting in bed for a little too long, which throws us into a frenzy later. 
*7:00-7:20am- Boy and I play hopscotch in the bathroom as we both try to get ready. Some of my favorite memories have been in these moments . . .
*7:20-7:40am- Blend the smoothies into submission and pack snacks for the day. 
*7:40am- off to work whether by bus and train, or the off chance that boy wants to drive me to the office.

Some habits that I would like to arrange in our routine . . .

*Hot water and lemon when we first wake up. I have read so many articles on why this is SO healthy for you. The lemons provide so many nutrients, and the hot water slowly awakens your body.
*Finding 20 or so minutes to have quiet, meditative time in the morning. My friend Courtney does this, and I’m oh so envious of her discipline.
*A few minutes for yoga and stretching. Oh dear, how I crave this, and so do my bones. 

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