Monday, May 13, 2013

Bathroom Re-Design

The design of our bathroom has been the farthest from my mind since we moved. I wanted to keep it minimalist, androgynous in d├ęcor, and bright for cleanliness. The colors have stayed black and white, but I think it needs a little facelift. I refuse to paint the walls- too many fixtures that I’m bound to break!

Our current shower curtain is the focal point in the room, and it was a cool and necessary find by boy just as we were moving in. But, in the last few weeks, I’ve grown to really not care for it anymore, and apparently when I’ve had one too many, I have diatribes on why every item is listed a few times, but there are only 2 bars of soap- puzzling? Philip loves to bring up this story at dinner parties. Love him.

Here are some of my new design inspirations . . .

I adore this citron shower curtain from West Elm.

Turkish BATH Towel - Classic Peshtemal - White (blue striped)

Beautiful Turkish bath towels via Etsy. 

A vintage octopus print to liven up the white walls. 

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