Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wedding: The Ceremony

Let's pick up the wedding photos, shall we? My, my it's been a while, and I believe that I last left it at "The Gents." Dum, da, dum . . . the ceremony photos. I really loved how the evening turned out. The weather was gorgeous, the lighting of the candles and fire were just perfect, and the piping hot drinks welcoming the guests set just the right mood. As I stepped out to walk to Philip, it was an intimate setting of close friends and family to witness our moment. Just what we had hoped for . . .

My lovely in-laws. Gosh, I really am a lucky lady; they are wonderful and have quickly grown to become some of my favorite people.

My brother Brandon stepped in to walk my mom down the aisle, and I just love him for it.

The bell ringer, not ring bearer. And a cute one to boot!

Heavens, I just couldn't wait to get to that boy. He surprised me as he met me halfway down the aisle.

Aren't my ladies just lovely? P.S. I often wonder if I'll regret my bridesmaid attire decision like so many brides often do. We'll see!

We decided to write our own vows to complement the traditional vows. There wasn't a dry eye in the house during boy's soliloquy.

I'm told we kissed long and hard. You would to if you were going home with that goodness . . .

I love this photo. I was winking at my oldest brother Aaron as he shouted out congratulations. 

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  1. I love this day! ps. I hope you won't regret our dresses, still some of my favorites :)


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