Friday, April 26, 2013

oh hello Friday

This weekend . . . we’re finally watching this film, seeing a friend perform in a Pride and Prejudice play in Annapolis, and oh, hosting stop #2 of a brunch stroll on Saturday. Two of our neighboring friends had the brilliant idea to host a brunch stroll, similar to a progressive dinner, in our three homes. Boy and I are handling the savory dishes so I’m imaging Boozy Baked French Toast and Bloody Marys.’ Have a good one and until Monday . . . some fun links. 

*American Girls aren't radical anymore. Who knew we were radical at the age of 9?!

*My darling friend Ashley just opened her international online store- ANTHOM. Beautiful and unique finds, so go, go check it out!

*Ah, so true. Life, then and now, in your twenties.

*Thanks Mrs. Lilien for this helpful shoe guide.

*Eeps, I'm so happy about a recent purchase. The Ikea Lillesand bed (which I have been pining over for months) was discontinued, but lo and behold, an impromptu Craig's List search led one right to our door a few hours later on Wednesday. Beyond excited to finish our bedroom!

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