Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Inspired

Valentine's week is here and Valentine's Day is nipping at our heels, so it feels only right to have a heart inspired post. Some of my favorite items to use and wear . . .

I'm sure you've seen the West Elm heart mugs that seem to be buzzing around the internet, but I love these sweet ceramic tea cups from Ross Lab via Etsy. 
A great take on arrow earrings. Abigail arrowhead stud earrings from Lily Wang. 

Sexy heart tights from you guessed it, ASOS. I am certainly coveting these for our romantic evening out on Saturday. 

I'm tiring of the heart imprinted sweaters that we just can't seem to get away from, but how about this *darling!* sweater from J.Crew? 

P.S. My Valentine's Day wishlist.

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