Friday, February 22, 2013

oh hello Friday

My, my, I have been quiet this week. The days just got away from me, and the posts seemed to stay in draft form. More next week!

What are you getting into this weekend? Boy and I have been fighting colds all week so I'm hoping we can take it easy, but tomorrow evening, we are having a housewarming party. I can't wait!

Some fun links for the weekend . . .

*Gretchen Jones' spring 2013 lookbook just launched. Do you remember her from Project Runway? It was definitely one of my favorite seasons.

*How fantastic are these trousers from Zara?!

*Ah, Miss Moss is back at it again. She couples photos of food with outfits- Sweet Look. I seriously can't get enough of these.

* 8 New and Necessary Punctuation Marks. The "I'm Not Angry" mark is so very necessary for my work emails at times.

P.S. This photo has me itching for spring and sunshine.

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