Thursday, February 28, 2013

Must Haves: Pixie Pant

Do you have that one thing in your closet that you just can't seem to part with? And no matter the mood or occasion, you can always incorporate into your outfit. Well, mine is leggings. I freaking love 'em, and I fear the day when they go out of style. I usually opt for the $12.99 brand at Target, but they usually end in tears and a ill fit after a few months.

We found ourselves at J.Crew the other evening, and I have to tell you that I rarely purchase, nay even consider purchasing anything from there. Too expensive for my pockets! Lucky for me though, boy was in a spoiling mood and bought me the most delicious pair of pants- the black Pixie Pant (!). The ease of leggings, but the wearability of jeans. Seriously, you need to go get yourself some . . .

P.S. I was also drooling over these. 

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