Thursday, February 28, 2013

How We Met (2)

(the first photo of us that I ever publicly promoted*)

 . . . so I'm in Boston, and boy is here in D.C.** We continued a -for the most part- amicable relationship, talking every few months that usually ended in tragic goodbyes of "well, I miss you." He finished his undergrad, and I found myself at a job in Boston for nearly two years, and I really grew to cherish my life there. We both dated other people, not really seeing a way we could ever make it work unless one of us moved.

On a whim, I applied for a few jobs in different cites as I knew my time in Boston was coming to an end. And, one summer afternoon an organization in D.C. rang me for an interview. Two months later I was packing up my little Kia for my big move to Washington.

Word traveled to Mr. Mitchell that I was moving to his city, and about five days after my arrival, I found myself opening my front door to him and a bottle of red wine in hand. It was, if you will, our second chance.

For about  two months or so, we greeted each other in a romantic but uncommittal way. It was frustrating to not know where how we landed, but I'll always look back at those times as so exhilarating. We were learning each other all over again.

Until one evening, we were headed to meet up with some old friends of mine, and one friend just happened to be an ex-something, something. As we're driving, Philip abruptly shouts "listen, I can't walk in that room unless I know that you're my girlfriend." And well, that just about settled it . . .

*What was I thinking with those glasses? Hideous. 

** Part 1 of "How We Met" 

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