Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wedding: The Setting and Details

Well, let's kick off these wedding photos, shall we? We wed at King Family Vineyard right outside Charlottesville, VA. What a sunset to commence our wedding!

King Family was in a long line of potential venues, but I sure did have my heart set on it. They were tireless in ensuring that our day went off without a hitch, and not to mention, their wine selections are amazing. 

Originally, I had planned to arrange my own flowers,  but a lovely friend introduced me to the creator of The Arrangement Company. I sent her photos of my inspiration, and she replicated it perfectly. The flowers were, hands down, one of my favorite aspects of the wedding. 

This armoire held our families' photos. It was such a lovely way to display the union of two individuals and two families.

Our unity candle. This was a last-minute-scramble effort, and thanks to the decor of Courtney's home, we pulled it off.

Hot cider and chai tea greeted the guests as they entered the ceremony. I wanted it to feel like you were gathering in our living room for an intimate moment; I hope our guests felt that way.

Candlelight lit up the aisle in these gorgeous mercury vases, as I walked down. A brilliant and last minute idea from my florist.

This was placed at the entrance of the carriage house. The sign was gifted from a dear friend, and her sister is the creator.

The programs, another favorite item in the wedding; it seems that we took more care into the crafting of the language, the font choice, and the greeting than any other wedding task. Our dear friend, Sally, put up with our multiple edits and persnickety changes. Thank you Sal!

Along with a toddler, newborn, husband and full time job, my sister and Matron of Honor somehow managed to create this and many other projects for the wedding. Amazing, that one is.

I adored how we used the table flowers for the reception to fill spaces during the ceremony and cocktail hour. Every time I looked up, the flowers were in a different spot, and I loved it. 

Handwritten dinner cards via Etsy was one way I saved funds on our budget. Anything handwritten is always better, don't you think?

All photos captured by Firefly Imageworks. 

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