Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Counting my Blessings

Boy and I have been married a month (from yesterday- Nov 18). I ashamedly did not realize this until a friend informed me- thanks Ash. Gosh, it doesn't seem like a month, and I'm not even sure that "marriage" has hit us yet. Sure, we've had out little squabbles, and instead of one of us driving to our respective apartment for some space, we've had to stay right in that room to duke it out. Let's just say that long-term grudges are not a factor in our relationship; one of us usually melts down in the first few minutes . . . I won't say who is more likely :)

Last evening, we celebrated our Many Hopes DC volunteers with a Christmas party. Following the merriment, and after a long day of work, prepping for the party, and a few glasses of red wine, I did not want to clean up that holiday mess. As I reluctantly walked into the kitchen to assess the damage, Philip was rolling up his sleeves, preparing his attack on the dishes. Beyond grateful for that man, and I do believe I chose I good one. 

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