Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blog Crush: miss elaini ous'

I met miss elaini ous' via email after becoming an avid reader of her blog. Last year, Elaini (author of miss elaini ous') set out to replicate the Uniform Project by wearing a little black dress for 100 days to raise awareness and support for orphans in India. Elaini has an incredible story, and I was so excited about her little project that I sought out and sent items to accessorize her LBD - my accessories here.

Well, her campaign ended last year after 100 days of fashioning her LBD in creative and interesting ways.  However, she's continued to raise funds, and let me just tell me you, this girl is so inspiring! As Christmas approaches, she and a group of girlfriends are modeling looks that represent the Twelve Days of Christmas, and each woman has agreed to raise $1,000 for the campaign. The looks are not "right on the nose" and ingenious interpretations of each festive day.

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