Monday, August 6, 2012

To the Lake Photos (1)

Oh dear, I have been so quiet these last several days. I had hoped to blog some while at the lake, but the reading, the basking in the sun, the numerous familial meals and the lovely times of conversations kept me away from finding a computer screen. And I have to tell you, I really loved it. I sure did miss blogging, but the disconnect from this world of updates, statuses, feeds and tweets was nice and necessary for a moment.  

My time at the lake sounds dreamy, doesn't it? Well, it was, but it certainly did not start that way. Let's just say that after a serious of unfortunate events (the culprit will not be mentioned), Philip and I missed our flight to Boston, which resulted in not making it to the Newport Folk Festival (his birthday gift from May). Considering I had been planning this for months, I was quite upset, but in those frantic moments, you certainly can learn somethings about yourself.

(1) A gin martini really does make the world a little more lovely and well, blurry. Oh, and I'm still a lightweight.

(2) My somewhat frequent trips to the gym have not made me a long distance runner, says the woman huffing and puffing as she ran to catch the plane, passing several gates, hurdling older travelers and dodging wee ones. Oy.

(3) When I remind myself that life is not about the disappointment of missed flights and festivals, but rather it's made of adventures with loved ones. I truly enjoyed my day of airport meals and anticipating stand-by flights.  I realized this after I emerged blotchy and red from the bathroom, so the tears helped me get to this point.

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  1. OMG, I had no idea you two missed your flight! What a bummer! :( Way to stay positive girly, I would have been a weeee bit upset! lol xx


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