Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Auntie's Traditions

(Eli at about 18 months and Auntie still reveling her low to mid twenties) 

In my market perusing the other day I came across the cutest pop-up stand with cuddly, sweet baby clothes, toys, and blankets. Don't worry, I don't have the baby bug! I do, however, have two adorable nephews that melt my heart and pull at my purse strings. I'm heading to see them soon, and at four months old, I'll probably just shower Oakes in Auntie kisses, but Eli is another story. I cannot greet the three year old,  empty handed. So, I grabbed this oh-so-cute elephant tote by Mirasa designs.

I have a tradition of getting him a book every time I see him. I'm thinking of The Tale of Peter Rabbit or Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late- hilarious book!

P.S the first book I ever gifted him is my childhood favorite, The Giant Jam Sandwich.

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