Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Work deadlines have kept me away from here, but hopefully things will slow down soon- fingers crossed! I had a lovely weekend full of summer delights- dinners with friends, pooltime and family cookouts.


(1) a friend from a lifetime ago just moved to D.C. this past weekend- it's lovely to have her close by again (2) sexy cocktails from this little spot in D.C.- Room 11 (3) seafood with our disgustingly good-looking friends (4) judging from our attire, all we need now is a boat (5) the quiet recesses of  a Saturday afternoon (6) my sassy Grandma Rose


  1. Love!(both the post/pic...and you)

  2. omg I just saw this post. That photo of us is AWFUL caitlyn! Apparently i was already three sheets to the wind, lol!


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