Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coveting: Stripes

(1) Mustard Striped Dress from Topshop (2) Chevron Striped Scarf from Juicy Couture  (3) J.Crew Candy Striped Canvas Clutch via Net-a-porter (4) Nautically inspired bikini via Target 

I suppose I’m like every other woman, in that when I have an event, soiree, get together- whatever- I need a new outfit! In my shopping endeavors last night, I couldn't help but notice that I just gravitated towards stripes- every time. Floral and polka dots make me feel silly and over-the-top girly, but stripes are just right. Unfortunately (perhaps fortunately for my wallet) nothing caught my eye, so I’m going with a tried and true LBD.

P.S. The event tonight is for a good friend’s showroom opening in Washington D.C.- La Petite Marmoset. Their redesigned vintage pieces are oh so clever. 

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