Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A dad to remember

Oh, we're getting downright personal today . . .

I truly hated this past Sunday. Families were celebrating and thanking, and I was steering clear of social networks and any dad-related conversations.  Due to a series of unfortunate events in my family, my dad and I have become estranged these last few years. And while the wounds are still ever present, and the man that exists now is someone I don't know,  I hold onto the memory of him from my childhood. Because he was a great dad. The best.

*when pouring my favorite golden flavored King Syrup on early morning pancakes, he would let out a bellowing roar just like the syrup lion

*as the delivery man for Thomas English muffins, he would pick me up from school in an old truck similar to this. I loved the fresh bread smell that wafted throughout our drive home. And, I knew he had been up since 3am for deliveries, but still he was right there, waiting for me.

*every few weeks, we would have father-daughter dates, just the two of us. Around the age of 13 or so, I had my first sip of alcohol. Wanting to feel mature, I ordered a strawberry daiquiri. Either, I looked older than my age or the waitress' negligence, but it certainly wasn't virgin. My dad was quite amused, and let's just say, he drank the rest.

*whether scraping my knee or breaking up with my middle school beau, he would always sing the lyrics from the Tommy Edwards song- 'every tear must fall, but it's all in the game of life'

*at the age of 16 and one month of possessing a license, I totaled his brand new car. He was the first one on the scene, and as I blubbered on with apologies and tears, he repeated again and again that the car was useless to him, but me, irreplaceable.

*upon hearing Oldies songs, I have the most vivid memories of him. Whether he was cooking feverishly in the kitchen, maintaining my mom's multiple garden patches, paperwork in his office, or twirling my mom about, Oldies resounded throughout our home. Penny Lane always takes me there.

Love to you, Dad, from your Toots.

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