Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time Capsule

I like to consider myself a minimalist and to a fault, sometimes. I constantly check myself to not over-purge my life as I have a tendency to not keep sentimental items- cards, certificates, letters and the like, around for too long. I toss things away with ease reminding myself that I have the mental memories and images, and it suits me just fine. I attribute it to my various moves when I had to fit my life's treasures in a few bags or a car load.

But, a few of my memories are hidden in a silver canister buried in Virginia soil somewhere. On Valentine's Day last year and after an elaborate gift giving from boy, I handed him a single water bottle for his gift. I went on to explain that he said he wanted to get to the gym more, and I thought he could use a new water bottle. As you can imagine, he wasn't too impressed. But, I jest- underneath the bottle were some of my favorite memories of us that I had collected and kept along the way- photos, restaurant matches, show programs, napkin notes. 

A few weeks later, we drove to the town we met in years ago and hiked to a secluded spot that we hope (fingers crossed) will prove to be recognizable years from now. We shall see . . .

(on our way to find the perfect spot) 

(buried but not forgotten) 

(carving our initials to serve as a marker) 

P.S. A real collector and one of my favorite books and movie. 

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