Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life Lately

It has been a whirlwind of a month. Nashville with Philip’s parents the first weekend, his parents and sister in DC the second weekend, and my sister and two wee nephews were in the area the third weekend- whew! Since we were spending the weekend at Grammy's house, we enjoyed all the nostalgics spots of childhood- (1 and 2) Starland skating rink and of course, (3) Krumpe's donuts! Ahem (4), in the midst of snowfall, I ventured to the local liquor store in search of wine to keep us warm and sane in case of a blizzard happening. Props to my sister for dressing me in warmth and awkwardness.

We have immensely enjoyed our time with the family, but man, what a month!

On a last minute whim, we skedaddled out of town this past weekend to find some solace in sleepy Staunton. (No thanks needed for the alliteration there!) It was perfect and just what we needed. We stayed at this cute B&B (6), enjoyed this play, ate at this restaurant, and found ourselves at an absurd number of flea markets and antique markets. It was just the ticket. 

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