Monday, January 21, 2013

A Lifetime

(source unknown, but originally from here)

I have to tell you, friends  . . .

Since getting married, I am, in a very odd way, more emotional. It’s not a “crying for no reason” emotional, but rather a sweet moment in a film, moving lyrics to a song, a kind word from a friend will bring me to sentiment. This comes as a shock to me as I’m sure it does to my friends. They joke that I will never let myself cry with others present, and I’m the friend that slaps others urging, “pull yourself together.” I’m sure boy would say other things about my emotional habits ;)

We were chatting in bed late the other night,  and I came to this conclusion. I think all the love in my midst has made me ever so aware and sensitive in the best of ways. We have our home; the thing that we can call our own. It’s been filled with games of chess, delicious dinners, shared bottles of wine, and the loveliest of moments together.  I have Philip, and I am his. Heavens, I love that man, and I am completely overwhelmed by the beauty of love, commitment and family that has abounded in our wee apartment these last few weeks.

I’m reading A Fine Balance right now, and I came across this quote the other day (as the story’s heroine prepares her newlywed home)

“A lifetime had to be crafted, just like anything else, she thought, it had to be molded and beaten and burnished in order to get the most out of it.”

I am so blessed. 

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  1. Excuse me. Who are you, and what did you do with my Cater??? ;-)


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