Friday, December 21, 2012

What are you doing New Years Eve?

(photo from LIFE magazine)

After much contemplation, boy and I decided to host a New Years Party at our tiny apartment this year. And considering, we dragged our feet on getting the invites out, it will be an intimate gathering of friends, as I like to say. Hosting a New Years party is a lot of pressure. Years from now, people will ask our party goers, "what did you do for New Years in 2012?" Gosh, I hope it's a kicka$$ response that we can provide.

Doesn't everyone have grandiose ideas of New Years with dancing, sparkly decor, big bands, and kissing gentleman? I don't think those parties occurred since the days of Bing, Fred, and  Holiday Inn.

Well, more on the food and decor later, but let's talk dress since I indicated "sparkly attire" on the invite. I know the gents are excited. I have my eye on a few little numbers at ASOS, and I'd love your thoughts.

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