Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Outdoor Film

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This weekend, boy and I are hosting friends for an outdoor film, and I just. can't. wait. I'm stealing all my brilliant ideas from Claire of The Senses Five; check out her post. I have the perfect cove nestled in my backyard for the screening, so hopefully the rain will hold off. Fingers crossed!

(photo via)

I'm imagining a signature cocktail, cozy blankets and pillows, delicious eats graciously provided by my guests (love them for that!); now, I just need to narrow down the movie options. Boy and I are considering a classic 80s flick, but we can't seem to decide! Jaws? Back to the Future? The Goonies? Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark? What do you think? 

P.S. Check out more home theaters. 


  1. 1. Or, may I suggest MY favorite classic 80's flick? Anne of Green Gables. How hard would it be to convince P on that one???
    2. You really must give me a category/course to bake/cook from. There are simply too many ideas and possibilities dancing around in my head!

  2. 1. Hmm, he did recommend Roman Holiday so possibly? But, I wouldn't get your hopes up :)
    2. You need to bake; you should always bake. Though I have another great baker coming as well, so you'll have to duke it out.


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