Sunday, June 3, 2012

'A treasure house of photographs'

The New York Times recently started a Tumblr page- The Lively Morgue. Why the lively morgue? The Times picture library is referred to as the morgue, and they are setting out to post several photos- historical highlights- every week. Apparently, if they posted 10 new archival pictures every weekday from the Times print collection, it would take until year 3965 (!!!). To enhance the story behind the photo, each image includes the reserve side so you can see annotations, captions and clues as to why it was chosen for printing- really neat! Some of my favorites . . .

Don't you wish men still wore hats?!

This was at first startling, but the notes on the photo read that the Parisian child seemed ' none the less happy' undergoing UV treatment, a procedure for urban children who lacked the healing of the sun's rays.

Reminded me of a contemporary snapshot of my favorite book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. 

P.S. you can order the prints - what a great gift idea!

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